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Cyberpunk strap pants


Functional, efficient, comfortable and deeply stylish, the Cyberpunk pant is the perfect urban outfit

! Equipped with straps and multiple pockets, this pant combines comfort, utility and futuristic streetwear style. Inspired by different themes, such as cyberpunk, military and darkwear, these cargo pants are a must-have to adopt the Cyberpunk fashion, so admirable and classy. Thanks to its multiple pockets, you can store a lot of items in your pockets, such as your phone, headphones, mini speaker, wallet etc… In short, the practicality adds to the unique style of the pants.

  • Guaranteed comfort: our Cyberpunk cargo pants are made of quality polyester
  • Unique style: by wearing these tactical pants, you can express your own style.
  • Unisex: can be worn by both men and women
  • Material: polyester, cotton
  • Machine washable on cold

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